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Reply Email Automator Operating Instructions & Help

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From: Jeremy J. Burns

    Dear Friend & Colleague,

Your satisfaction and understanding of Reply Email Automator, is a huge concern of mine.

 If you have any problems or questions about REA, that you do not find listed below, please do not hesitate to contact me right away. I am always very happy to be of help when it comes to my products and internet marketing in general. So regardless if your question is directly related to the support and operation of REA, or you just have a question about internet marketing that you think I may be able to help you with drop me a line.

I have been studying a few of the best Internet Marketers around and have picked up some great tips, and am always happy to help anyone I can. I am always open to hearing about any JV ideas you may have also, so please do not hesitate to let me know what you have in mind!

Best to your  Success,


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  • Introduction:
    Reply Email Automator is designed to make the task of replying to email a very straight forward process, not to mention alot faster - boost your productivity by up to 1700%. Reply Email Automator simulates your keyboard typing very quickly so you don't have to.
  •  Installation:
    Run the file SETUP.EXE and follow the onscreen instructions, then launch the application from the start menu or desktop shortcut.
  • Registration:
    You must register your copy of Reply Email Automator before you may use it. Registration of Reply Email Automator requires an internet connection. Once you have registered, your information is stored in our database - but it will only be used by us. We don't resell your information, see our online privacy policy.
  • Helpful Information:
    Reply Email Automator is not limited to just replying to emails - it could be used to automate other typing tasks - such as retyping documents in word, entering  a URL into your browser
  • Adding a Reply:
    To add a reply you should click in the 'Keywords' combobox and enter a suitable name for the reply. You may not enter a reply without entering a keyword. Once you have entered a suitable keyword you are free to click the textbox below. Certain characters may not be entered in a keyword, if you do, you will be prompted to change it. When you have clicked in the body textbox, you may type the desired reply (you may enter any html formatting if your email client supports this.) Once you have finished you can either send the reply immediately by clicking the 'Send' button or save the reply for later by clicking on the 'Keywords' combobox, and selecting save when prompted.

    * It is recommended that you add your replies as you send them to your customers. This way, after a few days of sending your normal replies, you will probably have covered most of the sales and support questions you normally get.

    To do this just type your reply to your client as you normally would in your email then just before you send it, copy the response you just typed by highlighting all of the text you wish to save by right clicking with your mouse and dragging your mouse across all the text you wish to save. Click the copy button, then go back to Reply Email Automator and enter your keyword Then paste the email response into the main text box, and save your reply as seen above by clicking the keyword box, and selecting save.

    Adding Links into your saved response:

    If you plan to add click able hyperlinks into your reply, but you are not sure of how to properly format a hyperlink in html, it will not be click able once the reply has been sent into your email client. If you originally just typed your response directly into Reply Email Automator.

    The best way to get Reply Email Automator to save html links is to first write the message you are trying to send in your regular email software.  I use Outlook but this will work in any email client.

    1. Type the full message you plan on sending, including the links.

    2. Copy your full message by highlighting it and right clicking on it with your mouse, then select copy.

    3. Open Reply Email Automator and type in the "Key Word" you wish to save that response under. 

    4.Then Paste the response into the message box by right clicking in the message box and selecting paste.

    You will notice that it will save all the html links into REA as seen in the first line of this sample below.


    www.ReplyEmailAutomator.com <http://www.ReplyEmailAutomator.com>

    just backspace to remove the <http://www.ReplyEmailAutomator.com>

    So all you will have left is the link www.ReplyEmailAutomator.com


    5. Now you will save the reply message as usual by clicking the keyword box or down-arrow, and selecting yes when it asks you if you wish to save this message.

    6. Your message has been save for unlimited use including the links!

    This may seem a bit complicated at first but once you save all your responses into REA you will save a ton of time! Don't hesitate to contact our support department if you have any problems with this or any other step.

  • Retrieving a Reply to use in an email:
    To retrieve a reply you can select the reply using the dropdown list from the 'Keywords' combobox, or by entering the keyword name into the 'Keywords' combobox. Auto complete will try to recognize the keyword you are looking for, for your convenience - saving you the time of typing long keywords. Once you have chosen your reply it will be opened in the body textbox below. If you make changes to the reply these are automatically saved when you click the 'Keywords' combobox again.
  • Using REA with multiple websites responses:
    I use REA to answer sales and support questions from multiple websites. A tip to help you keep your keywords all straight once you have a large number of responses saved is to start each keyword for a different web site with the initials of that site for example when I have responses saved for "www.ReplyEmailAutomator.com" I start the keyword "REA keyword" and all the keywords for my site "www.EbookCoverCentral.com" start "EBC Keyword" (insert your keyword in place of keyword in the examples). That way REA will save all the keywords for each site together.  You will notice in the dropdown keyword box that the keywords for your saved responses are listed in alphabetical order.  This will keep your keywords together by website, making them easier to find for use.
  • Deleting a Reply:
    To delete a reply is simple. First open the reply (see Retrieving a Reply) then select all the text in the reply - this may be done quickly by right clicking the body textbox and choosing 'Select All' from the popup menu. Once selected press the 'Del' key on your keyboard or the backspace key to erase all text from the reply. Now click the 'Keywords' combobox and when prompted confirm the deletion of the reply.
  • Sending a Reply:
    To send a reply, you must have a reply open - if it is not then the 'Send' button will not be enabled. Once you have opened your chosen reply, make sure that the email client that you are wishing to insert your reply into is running behind the REA application window. Then press the  'Send' in REA. Next, by clicking on the window of your choice (your email, MS word document, browser's address bar etc. you will send the text to that application. You will see your reply has been sent into the email and you can now press send in your email. Should you wish to cancel a send before you have inserted it into your email or other document - just click back into the body textbox or the 'Keywords' combobox of REA.
  • Minimize Feature:
    When you are not using Reply Email Automator it can be minimized out of sight to your system tray and restored by either clicking the system tray icon or by pressing the hotkey combination. To minimize, press the minimize button from the taskbar or select 'Hide' from the 'File' menu. If this is your first time you have minimized the application you will be shown a dialog informing you how to restore the minimized application. You may prevent the future display of this message.
  • Changing the Hotkeys:
    The special keys to restore the Reply Email Automator from
    the minimized state is called the 'Hotkey Combination' which are simply the keys that must all be pressed together to restore the application. By default the combination is WIN-SHIFT-A so by pressing the Windows Key and the Shift key and A together the application will reappear. To change the keys to press choose 'Configure' from the 'File' Menu.
  • Reseller Link:
    At the bottom of the application
    , under the reseller name is a link to a website. By clicking this link your default web browser will be started and will navigate to the link address.
  • Legal:
    Please select 'Legal' from the 'Help' menu in the application to view the legal information.
  • More Help:
    Please visit our website for more information. Certain resellers may be able to assist you too, so try their websites
    also! You may also contact us at support@replyemailautomator.com
  • Reply Email Automator Will Not Start Error:
    If at any time you attempt to start Reply Email Automator and it will not start, and gives you a permission denied error, then most likely what has happened is your task bar by your clock has put REA into rest mode. This means it is still running so it will not start again over itself when it is already running. If you ever receive press your "Ctrl" - "Alt" - "Delete" keys on your keyboard. This will bring up your 'Task Manager" click the button at the top that reads "Applications" this will show all the applications that are currently running. Double Click the application icon that says "REA" it will have the 4 square box icon with the "blue, green, red and yellow" in it as seen in the banner below. This will awaken REA from its rest mode and put it back into your task bar by your clock ready for use again. We have set up REA to sleep after periods of non use to free your systems resources.
  • Thank You:
  • Thank you for using Reply Email Automator, we know it will save you time, as it has us. You can then you use your time to more productive things than answering e mail!

Best to your  Success,

Jeremy J. Burns 

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